Some of the women of the Cornwall Grail.


We are grateful for you.

Your generous support keeps the Cornwall Grail Center alive, growing, embracing, healing, loving, making peace, keeping silence, speaking out.

Your donation also helps us maintain as open space the 45 acres that make up the Cornwall Grail property.  We are pleased to be stewards of this beautiful piece of Hudson Highland landscape and hope you will join us by making a contribution to preserve this open space for future generations.

Click on the button in the right-hand column to make a donation via PayPal.  Or send a check made out to The Grail, PO Box 475, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 12520.                                               


                                        Rainbow Over Storm King Mountain.      



Here's how we have put your past donations to work at the Grail at Cornwall-on-Hudson:                        


We have passed through a season of rebuilding, repairing, and restoring the Phoenix, the Hermitage and Hospitality House as we faced some deterioration simply from the process of time and aging and also unexpected damages from a fire, a hidden leak and a frozen-then-burst heating pipe.  

The Phoenix has been updated with new energy-saving storm windows and a fresh coat of paint on the exterior.  The prayer room has been restored to its earlier glory after the entire interior was sanded and hand rubbed with tung oil following the wintertime steam-pipe leak that turned the room into a wood-stripping sauna.  Interior and exterior brick and carpentry were rebuilt after the chimney fire of October last year.

In order to maintain a Center for encouraging the release of women’s creative energies; a place for bonding in action, solidarity and faith and creating a model for environmental sustainability and interfaith experience, we need your material as well as spiritual support.


“Come, let's fall in love again; let's turn all the dirt in this world to shiny gold. Come let's be a new spring, a love reborn like a fresh tree, bloom and spread all the blessings right from inside.”   Rumi


We hope you will be moved to help us renew our commitment to be a vitalizing presence in our local and regional community in this semi-centennial year.  Whether you visit the Grail Center for an evening of Conversations from a Global Perspective, attend a calligraphy or photography workshop, join a discussion about the Oscars or enjoy an exhibit of local art and artisanal food, we hope to be a place of life-affirming renewal.  Whether you come for family fun weekends, spiritual recharging or transformative healing, the Center is here to shelter and nurture new life.  Help us continue our work in this place so it will be here for you and future generations for years to come.

We have set the highest goal ever for this 50th anniversary year—to raise $47,000 from contributions, which is 19% of our expense budget.  Last year, charitable donations accounted for 18% of our expense budget.  Earned income from rentals and other sources accounted for 56% of last year’s budget.  The balance is drawn from a too-quickly dwindling endowment given by individuals in the early decades of the Center.  We call on you who love and enjoy this sacred landscape and its buildings to celebrate with us and to contribute to its future—to lay claim to another 50 years of creating refuge for renewal and inspiration.



In 1963, the Grail received the gift of this land in Cornwall on Hudson and its buildings from the Stillman family by way of the New York Archdiocese and the National Catholic Rural Life Conference.  Since that beginning, the Grail has sought to create a spiritual community here, making wise use of the property for its own retreats and hosting other individuals and groups committed to similar purposes of social justice, self-knowledge, strengthening family and community relationships, ecological sustainability and spiritual deepening.

Many people have made the continuation of the Grail here in Cornwall possible for all these years, including you.


 “All at once, as there we sat, we heard / a cracking and riving of the roofs./ And rending, and a blast, and overhead / Thunder, and in the thunder was a cry…/ And down the long beam stole the Holy Grail, / All covered over with a luminous cloud, / And none might see who bore it, and it past.”   

Alfred, Lord Tennyson


Spring in the Northeast is a time of renewing our faith in the sun’s warmth and the beauty of flowers to restore our souls and open our hearts.  As the sap rises and the ground veritably vibrates with green life, we rejoice that we have come through one more winter and that our living on this earth will continue a little longer—great mystery that it is.  Like the daffodils that have been pushing roots into the depths under the long dark days of snow and cold, we are revived with new hopes as we remember, rebuild and renew our connections with the world around us.

Enjoy the freshness of this energizing beauty, reminisce about days of walking the woods as new life unfolds and join us in renewed hope for the continuation of this sacred place.  We have been sustained thus far by miracles of generosity; grace that has fallen from elsewhere in forms of gifts of time, talent and money of all sizes, large and small, each one a blessing that benefits all who come to the Center.  We ask for your support so we can continue to offer the quiet and safe haven of the Grail Center to those who are nearby and those who are far off.

 “Every day I see or hear something that more or less kills me with delight, that leaves me like a needle in the haystack of light. It was what I was born for - to look, to listen, to lose myself inside this soft world - to instruct myself over and over in joy, and acclamation.”    

Mary Oliver